ImportError in embedded Python Interpreter

googler.1.webmaster at googler.1.webmaster at
Thu Jan 29 20:04:39 CET 2009


i have a problem. I compiled Python and the socket module so I got
this structure. (all on windows)


If I run python I get the console and I can call "import socket" which
succeeds. I wrote a small console app which is stored in C:\test\ and
embeddeds the python interpreter. I set the environment variable PATH
so the python DLL files can be load.

But when I want to import in a script the socket module, it fails.
(The interpreter works fine, just importing files in the DLLs folder
fail). Why? When I print out the sys.path I get the same like in the
real python.exe.

What do you think, whats missing?

Thanks a lot. bye :)

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