is python Object oriented??

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Jan 29 19:58:03 CET 2009

M Kumar wrote:
> Object oriented languages doesn't allow execution of  the code without 
> class objects, what is actually happening when we execute  some piece of 
> code, is it bound to any class?
> Those who have time and consideration can help me

My take..

Python is a language.  Programs written in Python create and manipulate 
information objects.  (But programs are not objects themselves.) So, 
Python is a language for describing object-based information processing.

Every Python object is an instance of some class.  Every class, being an 
object itself, is an instance of some metaclass.  (The 'type' metaclass 
is an instance of itself.)  Every class (in Py3) is also a subclasses of 
the base class 'object'.

I think 'object-orient language' is a somewhat misleading abbreviation 
since 'object-orientedness' is a potential property of the an abstract 
computation system a language works, with rather than a property of a 
language itself.

Terry Jan Reedy

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