Can't understand what python wants from me

Chris Hulan chris.hulan at
Thu Jan 29 23:32:16 CET 2009

On Jan 29, 4:50 pm, Oleksiy Khilkevich <g... at>
> Hello, everyone,
> This may be a totally noob question, but since I am one, so here is it.
> I have the following code (not something much of):
> The current code runs well, but the problem is with input value:
> Аs you can see, the numbers are ok, but strings and characters cause
> "not defined" error.
> I've obviously missing something important, but tutorial says nothing
> about this.
> Thank you for your help.

You want raw_input()

input() expects the string enterd to be Python code, which it evals()
numbers eval to thenmselves


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