receive and react to MIDI input

elsjaako elsjaako at
Fri Jan 30 00:26:30 CET 2009

On Jan 29, 10:44 pm, elsjaako <elsja... at> wrote:
> On Jan 29, 9:36 pm, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> > On Jan 29, 1:33 pm, elsjaako <elsja... at> wrote:
> > There is a Python MIDI module, i think it is pyMIDI, have you checked
> > it out?
> Thank you for the responce. Unfortunately, that package is for OS X
> (it doesn't say that clearly on the website). But it might indeed be
> worthwhile to mention that I'd be more than happy to use a library, or
> a finished product (I asked for that elsewhere, nobody had any good
> ideas)

Never mind. I was wrong. It still doesnt work. Just managed to get a
normal error instead of WindowsError: exception: access violation
reading 0x00000000

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