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anders anders.u.persson at
Fri Jan 30 00:51:19 CET 2009

I have written a Python program that serach for specifik customer in
files (around 1000 files)
the trigger is LF01 + CUSTOMERNO

So a read all fils with dirchached

Then a loop thru all files each files is read with readLines() and
after that scaned

Today this works fine, it saves me a lot of manuall work, but a seach
takes around 5 min,
so my questin is is there another way of search in a file
(Today i step line for line and check)

What i like to find is just filenames for files with the customerdata
in, there can and often
is more than one,

English is not my first language and i hope someone understand my
beginner question
what i am looking for is somting like

if file.findInFile("LF01"):

Is there any library like this ??

Best Regards

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