parsing text from a file

MRAB google at
Fri Jan 30 00:50:08 CET 2009

Wes James wrote:
> If I read a windows registry file with a line like this:
> "{C15039B5-C47C-47BD-A698-A462F4148F52}"="v2.0|Action=Allow|Active=TRUE|Dir=In|Protocol=6|Profile=Public|App=C:\\Program
> Files\\LANDesk\\LDClient\\tmcsvc.exe|Name=LANDesk Targeted
> Multicast|Edge=FALSE|"
> with this code:
> f=open('fwrules.reg2.txt')
> for s in f:
>   if s.find('LANDesk') <0:
>     print s,
> LANDesk is not found.
> Also this does not work:
> for s in f:
>   try:
>     i=s.index('L')
>     print s[i:i+7]
>  except:
>    pass
> all it prints is "LAND"
> how do I find LANDesk in a string like this.  is the "\\" messing things up?
How do you know what's in the file? Did you use an editor? It might be 
that the file contents are encoded in, say, UTF-16 and the editor is 
detecting that and decoding it for you, but Python's open() function is 
just returning the contents as a bytestring (Python 2.x).


import codecs
f ='fwrules.reg2.txt', encoding='UTF-16')

for s in f:
     if u'LANDesk' in s:
         print s,


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