ImportError in embedded Python Interpreter

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Fri Jan 30 01:23:35 CET 2009

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> i have a problem. I compiled Python and the socket module so I got
> this structure. (all on windows)
> C:\test\dll_files\python25.dll
> C:\test\my_app
> C:\test\dll_files\DLLs\
> C:\test\dll_files\python.exe
> If I run python.exe I get the console and I can call "import socket"
> which
> succeeds. I wrote a small console app which is stored in C:\test\ and
> embeddeds the python interpreter. I set the environment variable PATH
> so the python25.dll can be load.

The easiest way is to mirror the directory structure of a standard Python  
install. Python looks for Lib/ and, once found, derives all the other  
paths from here. See PC/getpathp.c in the source distribution.

You have these alternatives:

- put a lib\* containing at least below the directory containing  
your main executable.

- set a PYTHONHOME variable

- call Py_SetProgramName

- completely replace getpathp.c with your own functions

Gabriel Genellina

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