libsudo ?

Brian Allen Vanderburg II BrianVanderburg2 at
Fri Jan 30 05:58:41 CET 2009

linuxguy123 at wrote:
> Does anyone know where I would find libsudo ?
> If you had the choice of using pexpect or libsudo, which would you use ?
libsudo does all the work for you of executing sudo, checking for the 
expected responses and all.  If all you need it for is to use sudo from 
Python I suspect it would be easier than pexpect.

It is a C library however, so after being compiled and installed, you 
will need to use ctypes to use it.  It is very simple, as the only 
function to deal with is:

int runAs( char* command, char* password, char* user, int invalidate );
> Thanks
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