ImportError in embedded Python Interpreter

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Fri Jan 30 11:09:21 CET 2009

En Fri, 30 Jan 2009 06:54:56 -0200, <googler.1.webmaster at>  

> Thanks. Well, is found and all the others which don't need a
> library.
> I tested this:
> I execute Py_Main(...) in my app which executes the console
> interpreter and
> i tried to execute "import socket" which works.
> So Py_Main has something what my created PyRun_SimpleString doesn't
> have.
> Maybe the environment variables? Something has to be called in Py_Main
> which I should call, too.

(I assume you moved the executable to another directory - in your first  
post, your app was in some place, and python.exe/python25.dll in another)

Py_Main, apart from processing arguments and some stuff related to the  
interactive mode, doesn't do much; a stripped down version would be:

PyRun_AnyFileExFlags(fd, filename, ...)

Gabriel Genellina

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