Does the Python community really follow the philospy of "Community Matters?"

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Fri Jan 30 18:13:53 CET 2009

Stephen Hansen wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 12:38 AM, r <rt8396 at 
> <mailto:rt8396 at>> wrote:
>     On Jan 30, 2:26 am, John Machin <sjmac... at
>     <mailto:sjmac... at>> wrote:
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>      > This doesn't appear to match the description. Perhaps the PSU has
>      > subverted my comp)(*&^%$#@!
>      > NO CARRIER
>     Oops -- Good catch John,
>     Even perfect people like myself make mistakes :). Here is the
>     aforementioned thread where a Python user was chastised for daring to
>     say Python has a clearer syntax than Perl thereby easing
>     maintainability: OH NO! *big hand wave*
>     <>
>     These Perl mongers have no business doing their mongling here, go to
>     c.l.Perl!
> He was not chastised, nor threatened as you previously said; he was 
> welcomed to Python in all of its awesomeness, and given a pointer about 
> community etiquette.
> I have tons of positive things to say about Python: lots of people in 
> The Community do. And we've all worked with other languages and have 
> reasons why we don't like those tools, and people are fine to share 
> those reasons. But that's a different thing then flinging bile and 
> ranting about how horrible Language-X is or how Perfect-For-All-Things 
> Python is.
It's probably unpythonic to bash other languages. Python is so good that 
there's no need. :-)

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