error on building 2.6.1. (_ctypes)

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Sat Jan 31 07:49:16 CET 2009

En Fri, 30 Jan 2009 16:52:07 -0200, Bernard Rankin <berankin99 at>  

>> > I am trying to build python 2.6 on a machine (web server) that I do  
>> not have
>> root access to. (has 2.4 installed)
>> >
>> > Python 2.5 builds fine, but I am getting an error when I run "make"  
>> for 2.6.1.

>> Mmm... my 2.6.1 source show different line numbers, maybe you should  
>> check it's
>> the right file?
> Wow, good catch.
> I just re-downloaded the archive and it works fine.
> I know for certain that I did no editing to the files, and even tried  
> expanding the original tar.gz a couple of times.
> There must be a corrupted package somewhere among the official Python  
> mirrors.  (Sadly, I overwrote the old tar.gz file when I got the new  
> one.)

Oops... so bad. The releases have PGP signatures and MD5  
published so you can verify their authenticity.

Gabriel Genellina

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