Tkinter w.pack()?

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Gabriel Genellina wrote:
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>> Gabriel Genellina wrote:
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>>>> The word pack doesn't exist on the NMT pdf. Maybe there's a newer one?
>>>  There is a PDF version of "An Introduction to Tkinter" here:
>> Thanks. I have it but it's an odd one to search on "pack(". There may 
>> be over 100 reference to pack(. It's probably explained there 
>> somewhere, but how many times do I want to press the search key? I 
>> have it printed out too. I guess I need to eyeball it. It's probably 
>> faster. Maybe find the section (geometry?) where it and others like it 
>> are found. There is an index, but it's a pitiful one page.
> Uh? The very first occurence of "pack" is in the Table of Contents, "The 
> pack geometry manager". (You may want to improve your search skills :) )
Yes, that's correct, but I was looking for "pack(". It all depends on one's 
perspective on how to search. I'll not labor the point.

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