invoking a method from two superclasses

Michele Simionato michele.simionato at
Wed Jul 1 18:08:55 CEST 2009

On Jul 1, 2:34 am, Mitchell L Model <MLMLi... at> wrote:
> I suspect we should have a Multiple Inheritance HOWTO, though details and
> recommendations would be controversial. I've accumulated lots of abstract
> examples along the lines of my question, using multiple inheritance both to
> create combination classes (the kinds that are probably best done with
> composition instead of inheritance) and mixins. I like mixins, and I like abstract
> classes. And yes I understand the horrors of working with a large component
> library that uses mixins heavily, because I've experienced many of them, going
> all the way back to Lisp-Machine Lisp's window system with very many combo
> classes such as FancyFontScrollingTitledMinimizableWindow, or whatever.
> Also, I understand that properties might be better instead of multiple inheritance
> for some situations. What I'm trying to do is puzzle out what the reasonable uses
> of multiple inheritance are in Python 3 and how classes and methods that follow
> them should be written.

You may be interest in my "Things to know about super":

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