[ANNC] acromania-0.4

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 1 20:37:40 EDT 2009

Acromania is a word game of acronyms.

This program is a computer moderator for networked
games of acromania. It can connect to a channel on
IRC, or start a standalone server which can be
accessed much like a MUD.


Acromania uses Twisted and SQLite. Optionally, it can
use NLTK to generate computer opponents.

Acromania is released under GPLv3.

Changes in acromania-0.4:
    - autocreate conf.py on first start
    - initialize database on first start
    - add contact information
    - various bug fixes

    I have only played the game using the standalone
    server on a secure network. If you have experience
    with programming IRC bots securely, please take
    a look and contact me if you see any problems.

    If you decide to connect it to IRC, please let me
    know, because I'd like to play :o)

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