pep 8 constants

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Thu Jul 2 01:47:28 EDT 2009

Rhodri James wrote:
> Gah.  Ignore me.  I hit 'send' instead of 'cancel', after my musings 
> concluded that yes, an editor could be smart enough, but it would have to
> embed a hell of a lot of semantic knowledge of Python and it still wouldn't
> eliminate the need to speak the keyboard at times.

imagine having the same problem except that happens at random while you're
speaking and watching something else other than a screen. :-)

Yeah, it would take a lot of semantic knowledge about Python. Is it possible to
leverage compiler internals? Is it possible to gather as much information as you
can and when the system says "I don't know" you tell what you know it remembers
that for future reference?

And you're right, they're always corner cases where you'll need to speak the
keyboard or type. I've mostly resigned to accept on days when I have an absolute
hissy hissy fit because my hands hurt so bad I can't get enough painkillers
drop the pain and let me function.

In the real short term what I really want. More than anything right now is to
get back to the point where I can  pick away at writing Python again. I'm in
this really weird confluence of virtual machine hell,  the evolution of
naturally speaking under wine and the problems of telling an editor how to do
the right thing.

There's a gap between the fragile crappy way I and others operate today and the
really ideal completely voice driven  environment that exists between my ears. I
would like to move into that gap but it's sufficiently far away from what my
hands can do that I'm dependent on others and that makes me  really crazy sometimes.

>From my perspective, what I consider a reasonable intermediate step would be an
editor that has the following features:

The ability to select regions either by NaturallySpeaking Select-and-Say and
Emacs mark and point semantics.
Very deterministic indentation control. (I.e. indent x tabs or indent to "right"
ability to navigate/operate on generic language features
it would be nice if one could edit language features in a separate window again,
using Select-and-Say type interface.
another it would be nice would be the ability to look up type signatures
(classes, methods etc. and inject the appropriate template when using a
particular method. (Doesn't have to be by voice)

this level of functionality, would also make it possible to comply with PEP-8
:-) given proper easy and automatic name generation and dumpling.

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