Accessing windows structures through ctypes.

Rajat rajat.dudeja at
Thu Jul 2 02:50:43 EDT 2009

> > Using ctypes can I access the windows structures like:
> > PROCESS_INFORMATION_BLOCK, Process Environment Block(PEB),
> > PEB_LDR_DATA, etc?
> ctypes.wintypes lists all of the Windows structures included with the
> module.
> You should be able to use ctypes.Structure class to roll your own:

Thanks Alex. As you suggested, I'm trying to implemenet the below
structure, windows PEB, in Python:

typedef struct _PEB {
    BYTE Reserved1[2];
    BYTE BeingDebugged;
    BYTE Reserved2[21];
    PPEB_LDR_DATA LoaderData;
    BYTE Reserved3[520];
    BYTE Reserved4[136];
    ULONG SessionId;
} PEB;

My equivalent Python structure is:
class PEB(Structure):
    _fields_ = [("Reserved1", wintypes.BYTE * 2),
                ("BeingDebugged", wintypes.BYTE),
                ("Reserved2", wintypes.BYTE * 2),
                ("Reserved3", c_void_p),
                ("Ldr", pointer(PEB_LDR_DATA)),
                ("ProcessParameters", pointer
                ("Reserved4", wintypes.BYTE * 104),
                ("Reserved5", c_void_p),
                ("Reserved6", wintypes.BYTE),
                ("Reserved7", c_void_p),
                ("SessionId", c_ulong)]

I'm not sure what needs to go in the above empty tuple for
"PPS_POST_PROCESS_INIT_ROUTINE PostProcessInitRoutine" (in Original

Please suggest.

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