Searching equivalent to C++ RAII or deterministic destructors

Dave Angel davea at
Thu Jul 2 15:21:40 CEST 2009

Christian Heimes wrote:
> Dave Angel wrote:
>> Look also at 'del' a command in the language which explicitly deletes an
>> object.
> No, you are either explaining it the wrong way or you have been fallen
> for a common misinterpretation of the del statement. The del statement
> only removes the object from the current scope. This means it decreases
> the reference count by one. It does *not* remove the object.
> Christian
You're right of course.  What I was trying to say was it deletes the 
reference to the object.  Unlike obj = None, del obj removes the 
reference (attribute) entirely. Although I don't know what it should be 
called if it's a local variable.  Perhaps it "unbinds" the name.


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