pep 8 constants

Lie Ryan lie.1296 at
Thu Jul 2 15:40:49 CEST 2009

Eric S. Johansson wrote:

> I've been working with speech recognition for 15 years. I've written something
> on the order of 10,000 lines of Python code both as open source and private
> projects. I've tried it least two dozen editors and they all fail miserably
> because they're focused on keyboard use (but understandable) I get good
> recognition accuracy because I train the system and then I let it train me.
>> For coding, you might want to investigate a tool like Dasher[1] which
>> offers an alternate form of input.  It allows for custom
>> vocabularies/keymaps if you need, as well as more precise specification
>> of a full keyboard (caps vs. mixed-case, specific punctuation
>> characters, etc).  The predictive entry should be smart enough to pick
>> up previously entered constants/terms saving you entry speed.  It can
>> also be driven by a wide variety of pointing devices (mouse, trackball,
>> touchpad, head-tracker, gyro-input, etc).
> I've tried it, it's quite promising but my hands term are sufficiently that I
> can't target accurately. This is a problem for me with mice as well. Maybe these
> tiny little spit dot icons and webpages drive me insane because it takes me two
> or three tries to put the right spot.

You might want to try eye-ball tracking device. Dashers are designed for
that as well. You won't need to use your hand to type with it.

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