Sequence splitting

Pablo Torres N. tn.pablo at
Fri Jul 3 05:17:32 CEST 2009

On Jul 2, 9:56 pm, schickb <schi... at> wrote:
> I have fairly often found the need to split a sequence into two groups
> based on a function result. Much like the existing filter function,
> but returning a tuple of true, false sequences. In Python, something
> like:
> def split(seq, func=None):
>     if func is None:
>         func = bool
>     t, f = [], []
>     for item in seq:
>         if func(item):
>             t.append(item)
>         else:
>             f.append(item)
>     return (t, f)
> The discussion linked to below has various approaches for doing this
> now, but most traverse the sequence twice and many don't apply a
> function to spit the sequence.
> Is there any interest in a C implementation of this? Seems too trivial
> to write a PEP, so I'm just trying to measure interest before diving
> in. This wouldn't really belong in intertool. Would it be best
> implemented as a top level built-in?
> -Brad

This sounds like it belongs to the python-ideas list.  I suggest
posting there for better feedback, since the core developers check
that list more often than this one.

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