GOZERBOT 0.9.1 BETA2 released

Bart Thate bthate at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 06:50:36 EDT 2009

GOZERBOT has a new website !! check it out at http://gozerbot.org.
This is all in preparation for the 0.9.1 release and the latest
GOZERBOT beta has been released as well. Please try this version and
let me know how goes.

Install is as simple as .. easy_install gozerbot gozerplugs, see

This release will be used to move GOZERBOT 0.9 into the debian
repositories and freebsd ports.

we can be contacted on #dunkbots EFNET/IRCNET or use http://dev.gozerbot.org
for any bugs you might find.


* GOZERBOT is now truely free as it no longer depends on GPL licensed
xmpppy, a own xmpp package has been implemented for this.

* GOZERBOT now depends on setuptools to install the proper packages

* gozerbot-nest script can be used to install all dependacies and bot
code in 1 directory that can be run by the user (no root required)

* morphs are added that allow for encryption of input and output
streams (not used yet)


GOZERBOT is a channel bot that aids with conversation in irc channels
and jabber conference rooms. its mainly used to serve rss feeds and to
have custom commands made for the channel. More then just a channel
bot GOZERBOT aims to provide a platform for the user to program his
own bot and make it into something thats usefull. This is done with a
plugin structure that makes it easy to program your own. But GOZERBOT
comes with some batteries included, there are now over 100 plugins
already written and ready for use.



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