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Horace Blegg tkjthingone at
Fri Jul 3 07:28:47 EDT 2009

I've been kinda following this. I have a cousin who is permanently wheel
chair bound and doesn't have perfect control of her hands, but still manages
to use a computer and interact with society. However, the idea/thought of
disabled programmers was new to me/hadn't ever occurred to me.

You say that using your hands is painful, but what about your feet? Wouldn't
it be possible to rig up some kind of foot peddle for shift/caps lock? Kinda
like the power peddle used with sowing machines, so the hands are free to
hold fabric.

I don't mean this in a condescending manor, and I apologize if you take it
as such. I'm genuinely curious if you think something like this could work.

The way I was envisioning it working last night (and I haven't the faintest
clue how SR works, nor have I ever used SR) was that you would hit the foot
peddle, which would tell the SR program to capitalize the first letter of
the next word (a smart shift, basically, so you don't end up doing something
like ... WONderland -or- "stocks are up 1,0))% TOday".)

Possible? Stupid?
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