The TimingAnalyzer -- project to convert from Java to Python

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Fri Jul 3 16:42:12 CEST 2009


This a project related to the development of an EDA CAD tool program
called the TimingAnalyzer.  Digital engineers could use this kind of
program to analyze and document inteface timing diagrams  for IC,
ASIC, FPGA, and board level hardware projects.

The TimingAnalyzer is licensed as freeware.   I don't have the time
needed to make a high quality commercial product but I do want to keep
the development moving forward and continue to fix problems and add
new features as time permits.

Recently, I have become very interested in Python and using it to
develop similar type cad programs.  My plan is to convert the
TimingAnalyzer Java to Python with mostly a scripting interface for
building complex timing diagrams, doing timing analysis,  creating
testbenches and testvectors from waveform diagrams,
and creating timing diagrams from simulation VCD files.  Most all of
this is text based work anyway.

Developing professional GUIs is very time consuming for me.  This has
been my bottleneck with the program all along.  With a command line
interface,  you will execute a script and in one window,  and view and
edit and print the timing diagram shown in another window.   Like the
Matlab interface.

For example:

micro = m68000()
micro.write(add, data, wait_states), wait_states).





A lot of these functions are built into the program now so its a
matter of converting them java to python.  I won't have to spend most
of the time getting the user interface to look good and be friendly.
If this is made an open source project,  I would hope that others
would help with the development and new features and bug fixes will so
progress will be made quickly.

If anyone is interested in helping with the development,  I will make
this an open source project.   Just let me know if your interested.

Thank you,
Dan Fabrizio

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