PSP Caching

Johnson Mpeirwe mjohnson at
Sun Jul 5 08:27:12 EDT 2009

Thanks Simon,

I got around this behavior by adding "MaxRequestsPerChild  1" (default value
of this is 0) to my httpd.conf to limit the number of requests a child server
process will handle before it dies but I think it is important to keep it 0 in
production environment.


On Fri, 3 Jul 2009 10:44:52 -0700 (PDT), Simon Forman wrote
> On Jul 3, 5:18 am, Johnson Mpeirwe <mjohn... at> wrote:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > How do I stop caching of Python Server Pages (or whatever causes changes
> > in a page not to be noticed in a web browser)? I am new to developing
> > web applications in Python and after looking at implementations of PSP
> > like Spyce (which I believed introduces new unnecessary non-PSP syntax),
> > I decided to write my own PSP applications from scratch. When I modify a
> > file, I keep getting the old results until I intentionally introduce an
> > error (e.g parse error) and correct it after to have the changes
> > noticed. There's no proxy (I am working on a windows machine unplugged
> > from the network). I have Googled and no documents seem to talk about
> > this. Is there any particular mod_python directive I must set in my
> > Apache configuration to fix this?
> >
> > Any help will be highly appreciated.
> >
> > Johnson
> I don't know much about caching with apache, but the answer mght be 
> on this page:
> Meanwhile, couldn't you just send apache a restart signal when you
> modify your code?
> HTH,
> ~Simon
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