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> Hi,
> I want to know that whether using python programming is it possible to
> extract chemical shift information about some amino acids of some protein
> from BMRB(BioMagResBank) or Ref-DB(referenced databank) or not.
> Thanks,
> Amrita Kumari
> Research Fellow
> IISER Mohali
> Chandigarh

Without any real knowledge of the problem domain, but with keyword level
google search, here's one one finds --

Also as Grant says, if you can create a software program in any language,
you can potentially do it with Python as well. As Python is a "batteries
included" language, chances are, the included-batteries would make your life
easier. Of course mileage may vary. If you find existing modules that do
much of what you want, you have a very good starting point.
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