Code that ought to run fast, but can't due to Python limitations.

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at
Mon Jul 6 17:24:53 CEST 2009

Hendrik van Rooyen wrote:
> "Jean-Michel Pichavant" <jeanmichel at> wrote:
>> Woot ! I'll keep this one in my mind, while I may not be that concerned 
>> by speed unlike the OP, I still find this way of doing very simple and 
>> so intuitive (one will successfully argue how I was not figuring this 
>> out by myself if it was so intuitive).
>> Anyway I wanted to participated to this thread, as soon as I saw 'due to 
>> python limitations' in the title, I foretold a hell of a thread ! This 
>> is just provocation ! :-)
> The OP was not being provocative - he has a real problem, 

I was just kidding, asserting for python limitations in this list 
guarantees that the thread will last for several days, whether or not 
the assertion is right.


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