updating, adding new pages to confluence remotely, using python

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Mon Jul 6 22:27:25 CEST 2009

pescadero10 wrote:
> I am new to python and have been trying to figure out how to remotely
> add new pages to my confluence
> wiki space. I'm running my python script from a linux rhel4 machine
> and using confluence version 2.10. As a test I tried to read from
> stdin and write a page but it fails- that is, the script runs without
> errors but nothing is added.  Does anyone have an example of how this
> is done?  Here is my script:
> --- begin script -----------
> #!/usr/local/bin/python
> #
> # Reads from standard input, dumps it onto a Confluence page
> # You'll need to modify the URL/username/password/spacekey/page title
> # below, because I'm too lazy to bother with argv.
> import sys
> from xmlrpclib import Server
> # Read the text of the page from standard input
> content = sys.stdin.read()
> s = Server("http://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/display/GO/Home")
> token = s.confluence1.login("chee", "******")
> page = s.confluence1.getPage(token, "SPACEKEY", "TEST Python-2-
> Confluence")
> page["content"] = content
> s.confluence1.storePage(token, page)
> newpagedata = {"title":"New Page","content":"new
> content","space":"spaceKey"}
> newpage = s.confluence1.storePage(token, newpagedata);
> ------------ end script ------------------------
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You neglected to specify Python version.

As near as I can tell from 2.x docs, xmlrpclib has ServerProxy class but 
no Server class. Whoops, just saw "Server is retained as an alias for 
ServerProxy for backwards compatibility. New code should use 
ServerProxy". Good idea -- calling a client 'server' is confusing.

Do you have access to logs on remote machine to see what was received? 
Or to a sysadmin?


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