ANN: GMPY 1.10 alpha with support for Python 3

Mensanator mensanator at
Tue Jul 7 07:47:21 CEST 2009

On Jul 7, 12:16�am, casevh <cas... at> wrote:
> I discovered a serious bug with comparisons and have posted alpha2
> which fixes that bug and adds Unicode support for Python 2.x
> casevh

Damn! I was just congatulating myself for pulling off
a hat trick (there had been no point in downloading
3.x without gmpy so I have been putting it off):

- installing Python 3.1
- installing gmpy 1.10
- converting my Collatz Function library to 3.1 syntax

And it all worked smoothly, just had to add parentheses
to my print statements, change xrange to range and all
my / to // (the library is exclusively integer). I had
gmpy running in my library on 3.1 in about 10 minutes.

So I'll have to re-do the gmpy install. Shouldn't be
any big deal.

I started doing some real world tests. Generally, things
look good (nothing crashes, timing looks not bad) but
I'm getting some funny results on one of my tests, so
I'll report back when I have more information.

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