Opening a SQLite database in readonly mode

Roger Binns rogerb at
Tue Jul 7 08:16:10 CEST 2009

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Joshua Kugler wrote:
> BTW, APSW is written by the same author as pysqlite.

Not even remotely true :-)  pysqlite was written by various people, with
the maintainer of the last several years being Gerhard Häring.  I am the
(sole) author of APSW and have not contributed any code to pysqlite
although ideas have flowed freely between the projects and we share a
mailing list.

I started APSW in late 2004 because I wanted to use SQLite from Python
rather than using a layer that pretended SQLite was like other
databases.  There were various quirks of pysqlite I also didn't like
(many since corrected) and so scratched my itch.

If you are just doing simple queries then there isn't much apparent
difference.  If you want to be a "power user" of SQLite then APSW is for
you.  SQLite has many cool features such as virtual tables (you provide
the underlying data for the SQL queries to work on) and VFS (you provide
the file access).  See this link for more details:

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