Python/pyobjC Apps on iPhone now a possibility?

Dr Mephesto dnhkng at
Tue Jul 7 08:00:09 EDT 2009

I have been following the discussion about python and pyobjc on the
iphone, and it seemed to me that the app-store rules prohibited
embedded interpreters; so, python apps are a no-no.

But now it seems that the Rubyists have the option that we don't. It
seems there is a company,, that has an SDK
that allows ruby programs to be embedded together with an interpreter
in an app! More interesting is the fact that several of these hybrid
apps seem to have been accepted on the itunes app store.

Here's a quote from a representative, found on this blog:

"...First of all, to clarify, we precompile all framework and app code
down to Ruby 1.9 VM bytecode. This yields great performance
advantages. We also disable eval and other dynamic execution aspects
of Ruby. In the end, on all platforms your app gets compiled with our
framework all into one single executable, indistinguishable from any
other executable.

But even if we were shipping a fullon Ruby interpreter without
compiling to bytecode and leaving dynamic evaluation enabled (as has
been well remarked in the blogosphere by now) App Store rule 3.3.2
does not disallow interpreters but only downloading code to be
executed by the interpreter."

So, the question is, can the same thing be done for Python apps?

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