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Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 7 18:23:30 CEST 2009

>>>> Yes, there are plenty of languages other than Java and C, but the
>>>> influence of C is admittedly huge in Python. Why do you think loops
>>>> are called "for", conditionals "if" or "while", functions return via
>>>> "return", loops terminate via "break" and keep going via "continue"
>>>> and why is comparison written as "==", etc, etc? All of these are
>>>> coming from C (or an even earlier language) and my point is that users
>>> 	for, if, and return were common keywords in FORTRAN.
>>> 	Not to mention BASIC
>>> 	Both of which predate C
>> Yes, hence my comment above, ".... coming from C (or an even earlier
>> language) ......".
> Mmm... Should we then claim that "the influence of FORTRAN is admittedly
> huge in Python" ?-)

Hmmmm, your comments reached a level of pedanticism beyond which I can
not follow :)
Seriously, ask Guido about the influence of C vs. fortran. Somewhere
you can find him quoted as saying that python was originally intended
to "bridge the gap between the shell and C". I've never heard him talk
about fortran.

But this academic discussion is honestly a little pointless. The OP
was referring to a expectation, coming from C, that is not fulfilled
in python. What's wrong with mentioning it somewhere for the sake of
helping C programmers?


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