Python/pyobjC Apps on iPhone now a possibility?

J Kenneth King james at
Wed Jul 8 01:29:25 CEST 2009

Stef Mientki <stef.mientki at> writes:

>>> So, the question is, can the same thing be done for Python apps?
>> I love Python and all, but it'd be apt to ask, what's the point?
>> The iPhone is running on what? A 400Mhz ARM processor? Resources on the
>> device are already limited; running your program on top of an embedded
>> Python interpreter would only be adding pressure to the constraints;
>> even if it was an optimized interpreter.
> I don't know iPhone,
> but I've done some experiments with 400 MHz arm, running Windows Mobile,
> and found PocketPyGUI running very very well on these devices.
> cheers,
> Stef Mientki

Sure, but it's pretty relative in the sense that it might be fast enough
if I'm sitting around but too slow if I want to enter some information
in the app before the next train comes.

As a programmer, I don't really see the benefit of using an embedded
interpreter on the iPhone.  Objective-C isn't the greatest language, but
it's easy to learn and well supported.  It also compiles into some
pretty speedy executables.

If you can sacrifice a little run-time speed for your users in exchange
for ease of development on your part, all the more to you.

My original point was that I don't see the benefit in that decision.

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