older pythons

superpollo user at example.net
Thu Jul 9 11:36:13 CEST 2009

hi everybody.

i have a certain set of old python scripts and data used by said scripts 
which were written using python 2.3

in particular i used some features which were later modified or 
deprecated by the language newer versions (e.g.: cmp(), print as 
keyword, and such...)

for reasons i find hard to explain briefly, it is unfeasible at the 
moment to modify scripts and data to adapt to the changes

now: i ask if it is possible to have different versions of python 
installed on my system (linux debian) so that i can continue to use 
python 2.3 (as "python" from the shell) but i can also use - say - 
python 3.1 (maybe as "python3.1" from the shell)

if yes: is there a known recommended way to do so?

thanks a lot


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