hoe to build a patched socketmodule.c

jacopo mondi mondi at cs.unibo.it
Thu Jul 9 07:50:20 EDT 2009

Hi all, I need to patch socketmodule.c (the _socket module) in order to
add support to an experimental socket family.

I'm guessing about the patched module build process: does a stand alone
build script using distutils makes sense, or have I to patch
sockmodule.c, eventualy rename it, modify setup.py inside python sources
to let it know about the new module, and then rebuild whole python?
I think the latter makes more sense, because I suppose socketmodule
could not be build stand alone, but need the whole python build system,
in order to have right definition specified by a Makefile generated by
autotools from inside python sources.
Or maybe distutils is able to retreive the whole build system? I don't
think so, because there are no requirement about having python source
tree installed.

If I have to go for the second way, then how could I distribuite the
patched _socket module? I could not use distutils, have I to distribuite
 the already built .so with only a script to install it, and the source
code in another directory?

Thanks a lot

PS correct my english please, is the only way I have to improve it!

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