gett error message: "TypeError: 'int' object is not callable"

Nick nleioatt at
Thu Jul 9 09:42:06 EDT 2009

I've seen a lot of posts on this problem, but none seems to help.
Here is the code:

file = open(prefix1)
text = file.readlines()
len = len(text)
fields = text[1].split()
num_rows = int(fields[1])
num_cols = int(fields[2])

U1_matrix = []

print fields
print repr(fields)
print len(fields)

for line in text[2: num_rows+2]:
    fields = line.split()
#    print "fields", fields, line
    for i in range(len(fields)):
        fields[i] = float(fields[i])


prefix is a space/line delimited ascii file that represents a 2D
matrix.  i'm trying to read in 2 matrices from different files, strip
away the header stuff and then take the dot product of the 2
matrices.  any help is much appreciated.


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