gett error message: "TypeError: 'int' object is not callable"

Friðrik Már Jónsson fridrik at
Thu Jul 9 12:40:47 EDT 2009

Tom Kermode wrote:
> Do you know a good way to avoid running into this problem?  It
> makes sense to suggest not calling variables the same names as
> built-in functions, but that's hard for a new python programmer who
> doesn't already know what all the built-in functions are.

One way is using a code checker like PyChecker[1]. This neat software  
for finding bugs will check for lots of other pitfalls too, but you  
can filter it down to what you need if you're only interested in this  

I don't use an IDE, but this would seem like something for an IDE[2]  
to support if you're into that kind of magic.

Friðrik Már


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