Examples of Python driven Microsoft UI Automation wanted

TheSeeker duane.kaufman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 13:14:29 EDT 2009


I am embarking on teaching myself Microsoft UI Automation using Python
as the scripting language.

I have asked some questions in the IronPython users group, but have
yet to get a response, so I thought I would broaden the audience by
asking here.

Specifically, I have a WinForms application I will be wanting to
automate. Does anyone have some Python examples of driving Microsoft
UI Automation they could share with me to get me started? The
structure of the UI automation classes etc. seem quite convoluted, and
I am having difficulty getting my brain wrapped around it.

Alternatives to Microsoft's UI Automation are welcome too, but I have
tried using winguiauto and watsup (along with AutoIt), and there seems
to be severe limitations when using these tools with WinForm

Thanks in advance,

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