can i write a assemly language programs in python

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Jul 9 13:40:01 EDT 2009

Dave Angel wrote:
> m.reddy prasad reddy wrote:
>> can any one tell me how to write assembly language programs in 
>> python...if
>> no is there any other way to write the programs in python
>> Reddi prasad reddy
> Assembly language is a different programming language than Python.  You 
> can use both in the same process, much in the same way you can use C or 
> C++ with Python.  In fact, some of the system DLL's are written (partly) 
> in assembler, though mostly in C or C++.

It is possible that he meant how to write assembly *with* python.
Or how to translate python to assembly.

As it turns out, CPython translates Python to byte code and has a dis 
(assembly) module that produces very nice assembly code ;-)
So that is one answer to his question.

> You'll need to tell us what your real goal is.



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