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Musatov wrote:
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>> Musatov wrote:
>>> Los Angeles (AP) --MeAmI.org now has users in 50 countries following
>>> its adopted use in Pakistan.  The search engine has grown in
>>> popularity 10,000 fold following its Beta test launch three months ago
>>> in April, 2009. Supporters of the site claim it is better than rival
>>> Google upon which platform it is based. Controversy arose after
>>> MeAmI.org search code allowed users to search other users Google
>>> results with no advertising. "It is truly an innovative thing we are
>>> doing," said Founder and CEO, Martin Musatov. "Letting users search
>>> the results of other Google users immediately results in a level of
>>> accuracy and relevance above and beyond Google." Google changed their
>>> API following the launch or MeAmI.org and explored the possibility of
>>> blocking site access from MeAmI.org to Google search results but was
>>> unable to do so. Critics of MeAmI.org say what it is doing is
>>> tantamount to intellectual theft. When asked about this topper Musatov
>>> exclaimed, "The Internet was made for people, not companies." An
>>> analyst at Goldman Sachs says, requesting to remain anonymous,
>>> "MeAmI.org has a strong presence in promoting itself as a vehicle for
>>> global activism and to tell you the truth, this makes it much more
>>> likely an acquisition target than potential intellectual property
>>> violator." Google could not be reached for comment.
>> Mr. Musatov,  do you know who originally wrote the
>> article above?
>> Thank you.
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> Yes.

Mr. Musatov, do you know the name of the person who
originally wrote the article above?

Thank you.

David Bernier

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