gett error message: "TypeError: 'int' object is not callable"

Lie Ryan lie.1296 at
Fri Jul 10 10:03:05 CEST 2009

Friðrik Már Jónsson wrote:
> Hi Rhodri,
>> It's only really a pitfall if you try to use the built-in after you've
>> redefined it.  That's the thing to keep an eye open for.
> You're right, but in cases where you're editing a codebase which you
> didn't author entirely by yourself you may not be aware of that.
> That said, if the codebase you're working on is structured (short,
> concise methods) you should be working with small, consumable scopes you
> can inhale in entirety before modifying.
> Regards,
> Friðrik Már

But if you are responsible for a large codebase that you don't write
yourself, it is doubtful that you're a real newbie.

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