Tkinter only: table widget with canvas...

Thomas Lehmann t.lehmann at
Fri Jul 10 16:07:22 CEST 2009

My intention is to keep dependencies low that means using python and
as base package is quite easy because it's available on nearly every

There is good documentation on Tkinter but going into the depth I'm
many details. As an example...

Using the Tkinter.Canvas class I should be able to create a nice
The missing informations are:

a) Assume I would have some different widgets to add per row. How
    do I get the maximum row height?

b) Assume something like a label in one column. The length of all
    in a column will differ. How do I choose the maxium column width?

c) Placing headers in a canvas does not look like a good idea because
    I don't want to scroll the headers. Am I right?
    c.1) How do I place a none scrollable header in a canvas?  or
    c.2) How do I place all headers outside the canvas correctly above
the relating column?

best regards

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