problem with keys combination!

Steven D'Aprano steve at
Fri Jul 10 18:14:04 CEST 2009

On Fri, 10 Jul 2009 08:33:18 -0700, Alex wrote:

> Hi at all,
>   I made a simple program that make a screenshot of Desktop and use it
> as fullscreen background and then a ball erase image making illusion
> that erase Desktop. The program working fine and I succesfully blocked
> all keys but I have a problem with hotkey combination Ctrl-Alt-
> Del...that bypass my FullScreen Application.

What operating system are you using? Windows?

As I understand it, you can't block, modify, or otherwise access Ctrl-Alt-
Del while running under Windows: it is the "Secure Attention Key", and is 
designed to be virtually impossible to interfere with. It's not *quite* 
impossible, but it is the deepest, darkest black magic. Microsoft makes 
it close enough to impossible as makes no difference even for experienced 

As a newbie, well, put it this way: it's like somebody saying "Hi guys, I 
have a shiny new Swiss Army Knife, the one with the screwdriver and the 
corkscrew. I'd like to build my own Space Shuttle -- what do I do?"

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