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Tony Houghton h at
Fri Jul 10 19:43:54 CEST 2009

On Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:06:34 +1000
Ben Finney <ben+python at> wrote:

> Tony Houghton <h at> writes:
> > I've looked through the manual but I can't find any hooks in distutils
> > for generating files at install time other than extension modules and
> > .pyc files. Should I just run the script from somewhere in my
> > before calling distutils' setup function?
> Indirectly related: Ian Bicking's article on using Python's ‘’
> as a ‘Makefile’ replacement:
>     <URL:>

Thanks, but I don't think that adds much to the distutils manual.

> If one is writing a ‘’ anyway, I think it makes sense to use
> that as the build program for the whole project if possible. Good
> hunting!

Yes. Really I only want to write a because it makes it easier
to make a debian package, but the more of the installation that's done
by the better I suppose, then other people might find it

TH *

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