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David Bernier david250 at videotron.ca
Sat Jul 11 00:26:36 CEST 2009

scriber77 at yahoo.com wrote:

> community. But perhaps he is trying to see things a bit differently
> and is just not getting the feedback he needs, so he is throwing
> tantrums apparently across USENET.
> Like I said before, I am just trying to do right by this person who
> contacted me, and seemed to be a decent person with a genuine interest
> in mathematics. He was very respectful.
> Alas, I am at a loss on what specific feedback to give him on his
> paper as though I am a professor of Mathematics, Computer Science is
> not my specialty.
> I told him I would try to get him some feedback on the equations on
> page 3.  Would any of you be so kind to help me?
> Here is the paper: http://MeAmI.org/pversusnp.pdf
> I do thank you for your time.
> Good day,
> Professor X

This is what there is at the bottom of page 3:

<< Conclusion: Binary revisions are allowed given the above formulas. >>

So I don't understand the proposed solution for the "P = NP"

David Bernier

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