Tkinter only: table widget with canvas...

John Posner jjposner at
Sat Jul 11 15:31:58 CEST 2009

>> There's a working app at
> Thank you for this example. However, one issue to that...
> When resizing the window (vertical) then the header moves away
> from the table. How can I avoid this with the grid? With "pack"
> I now this...

Oops ... packing can be tricky. Try these modifications:

   header_frm.pack(side=TOP, anchor=W, expand=False)
   table_frm.pack(side=TOP, expand=True, fill=BOTH)

You also might try constraining the top-level (root) window, using these 

  rt.geometry(XXX, YYY)
  rt.resizable(False, True)


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