asyncore's lack of sendto(), recvfrom()

Henry 'Pi' James 2.b7e15163 at
Sat Jul 11 19:33:10 CEST 2009

Is there any good reason why sendto() and recvfrom() aren't wrapped by
asyncore? Obviously, recvfrom() cannot be replaced by recv(), but even
sendto() cannot be replace by connect() and send(), either:

I'm writing a traceroute module, and I found out that under the
current firewall configuration of my OS, sending an ICMP packet via
sendto() doesn't trigger a connection confirmation (the packet is
silently and successfully sent), while connect() does (the firewall
reports an attempted UDP connection, I'm sure why). I know Python
merely wraps send() and sendto() from <sys/socket.h> of the OS,
obviously there are some important subtle differences between the two.

Now, if I'd want to add sendto() and recvfrom() to asyncore, would it
be sufficient to simply copying its send() and recv() wrapper
functions and change the names and arguments, or are there more
modifications required?

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