Infinite loops and synchronization

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Mon Jul 13 10:53:36 CEST 2009

>>>>> Vincent Gulinao <vincent.gulinao at> (VG) wrote:

>VG> lst = list()
>VG> (lst populated by async twisted deferred callbacks)

>VG> while True:
>VG> 	if len(lst) == SOME_NUMBER:
>VG> 		return lst

>VG> Q1: is this a common OK practice? I'm worried infinite loops hogs memory.
>VG> Q2: operating on list from threads (mostly appends) must be safe,
>VG> right (synchronization)?

I am not familiar enough with twisted, but I think the principle is
independent from twisted.

This loop will not hog memory but it will hog CPU time.

You should use a synchronisation construct like threading.Condition or a
Semaphore. Here is my suggestion with a Condition:

Global somewhere:
       lst_cond = Condition()

In your loop:

lst = list()  # Why not lst = []?

while True: # strange while/if combo
	if len(lst) == SOME_NUMBER:
		return lst

Make that:

with lst_cond:
    while len(lst) < SOME_NUMBER:
    return lst

In the callback:

with lst_cond:

In case you don't have a python that supports the with statement (not
even `from future') you should use:


I think the solution with a semaphore is less elegant.

global: sem = Semaphore()

for i in range(SOME_NUMBER): 
return lst

In callback:


*Be careful: I haven't tested this code (not even syntax checked). So
consider it pseudo code.*
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