Tkinter / Entry widget problem

Andras Szabo newport at
Mon Jul 13 22:17:31 CEST 2009

Hello. I searched the archives but couldn't find a solution to a  
problem related to the Entry widget in Tkinter.

When creating a pop-up window in an app, which contains an Entry  
widget, I want this widget to contain some default string, to have all  
this default string selected (as if the user had manually selected  
everything), and to have the focus transferred to this widget.

(The idea is then that if the window pops up, the user won't have to  
click or press Tab any more before being able to type what is needed  
in the textbox, overwriting what is written there already.)

I thought this might be the way to go:

entrybox.insert(0,"Some default string")

But it doesn't seem to work - the focus is not transferred to the  
Entry widget, and the text does not appear to be selected (even though  
after this entrybox.selection_present() returns True).

What am I doing wrong?


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