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>>>>> Fred Atkinson <fatkinson at mishmash.com> (FA) wrote:

>FA> On Tue, 14 Jul 2009 05:41:40 GMT, Tim Harig <usernet at ilthio.net>
>FA> wrote:

>>> On 2009-07-14, Fred Atkinson <fatkinson at mishmash.com> wrote:
>>>> The one thing I really dislike about Python over PHP is that
>>>> Python can usually only appear in the cgi directory (unless other
>>>> arragements are made with your hosting provider or if you reconfigure
>>>> Apache on your own server if you have your own).  With PHP, I can put
>>>> them in any folder on my Web site without any problem.  
>>> That is a server configuration and has nothing to do with Python directly.

>FA> Agreed, it doesn't.  But if my hosting provider won't change it, I'm
>FA> stuck with it.  

That's a good reason to dislike your hosting provider, not a good reason
to dislike Python.
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