one-time factory in python for an experienced java guy

phonky phonky at
Tue Jul 14 10:55:56 EDT 2009

Thanks Paul,

> Ugh, just forget everything you ever knew about java.  Do some Zen
> exercises to erase your mind.  Then read a Python tutorial as if
> you're starting from nothing.

Yeah, surely right, but easier said than done...
I'm working on it.

Taking your example.

import itertools

     class Account(object):
        def __init__(self, holder, gen=itertools.count()):
           self.__accountnumber =

If you consider my python illiteracy,

"itertools.count(): Make an iterator that returns consecutive integers 
starting with n"

to me that sounds like that solves the increment issue, but what about
future modules wanting to plug in a different
numbering format, e.g. 205434.1234 or whatever?

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