why did you choose the programming language(s)you currently use?

Che M cmpython at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 21:52:32 EDT 2009

On Jul 14, 11:55 am, Deep_Feelings <doctore... at gmail.com> wrote:
> So you have chosen programming language "x" so shall you tell us why
> you did so , and  what negatives or positives it has ?

As a hobbyist--and not a real programmer*--I think I chose Python
(I don't really recall now) because of things like:

- There is a good community, including tutor list, etc.
- I wanted something that would run cross-platform (so no Visual
- Preferred something free (so no REALBasic).
- I wanted a high level language.
- It seemed easiest to read and learn.  I like mandatory indents, for
- There are a lot of libraries for it with good support.
- I liked the Zen of Python philosophy (to the extent I understood
- Some high profile entities were using it, so it must have something
going for it.
- It was new enough to be a possible improvement over older languages
  while old enough to be established.
- Who can't like a computer language named Python?


- AFAIK, running multiple Python apps all show up in the Windows task
manager as
  "python.exe" (common to all non-compiled languages?) instead of the
app's name.
- Distributing as an executable is not as straightforward as I might
- I wish Python 3 wouldn't break my 2.5 code.
- If it could be quicker (compiled), that would be better. (But
haven't tried
  psyco or Shed Skin, etc.)
- I've found understanding web programming hard, but that might be
just the
  nature of web programming and not a Python thing.
- I wish wxPython had a more complete rich text editor (but overall it
is great).


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